Teisha McCain

Owner/Rec.Coach/team coach

Teisha McCain, owner of Gymnastic World since January 1999. She is married to Darrin Mccain and they have 3 children Keeley, Kyle and Kullin McCain. She has lived in Longview for 34 years. Teisha was a competitive gymnast and dancer. She competed many years winning many awards along the way. Gymnastics being her passion, kids have also been a constant love of hers. Working at a daycare while she was in high school led her to know she always wanted a job working with children, so the two professions fit together nicely. Teisha has had many First place and State Champion gymnasts that have continued on to the college level. Nurturing the ability of perfecting imperfections has helped her build a reputable business. Watching children have fun while doing something so beneficial for health and confidence is the most rewarding job for her.

Bo Mullins

Rec.Coach/Team Coach

My name is Bo Mullins and I'm 18 years old.  I've been homeschooled my whole life and will be graduating high-school soon.  I started gymnastics at Gymnastic World when I was five years old and continued for over ten years reaching level nine in the process.  Due to back injuries I don't train as often anymore, but I still enjoy it and I'm able to teach and demonstrate skills for my students.  I learned from a great coach and I use that knowledge and apply it to how I coach each of my classes.  I've been coaching for three years now and having personally experienced all the challenges and how rewarding it feels to learn new skills, I absolutely love knowing that I can help my kids achieve what I achieved in my gymnastics career.  I look forward to helping them go as far if not farther than I did and I'm so excited to help them reach their goals.  

Quinlan Stephens

Tumbling Coach

Donna Allgood

Office Staff

Amy Allgood

Office Staff

Danielle Smith

Team & Rec.Coach

McKenzie McFarland

Team & Rec. Coach

Hi I’m McKenzie, one of the team coaches at Gymnastic World. I grew up in Michigan where I was a gymnast for 9 years, competing up to level 8. After my gymnastics career I was an All-State mid distance runner and high jumper. In May of 2020 I started a photography business, McKenzie Taylor Studios. When I am not coaching you can find my taking and editing photos. In August of 2022 I got married, and my husband and I have a dog named Bohdi. I have always had a passion for gymnastics, and love that I am able to help my girls grow not only in gymnastics but as people.